Rarity and Supply

Depending of the rarity of individual assets of the wolf, the NFTs have a "general" rarity that will determine their utility. There will only be 5 rarities inside the collection.
  • Common. These wolves have a 60% chance to be minted. They will obtain the lowest rewards and will have the least utility.
  • Uncommon. Uncommon wolves have a 25% chance of being minted.
  • Rare. The odds to mint a rare wolf are 10%. The owners of this type of wolf will also be eligible to participate in our "rare wolves" exclusive giveaways
  • Epic. You have a 4.9% chance to get an epic wolf. These kinds are extremely unique and will have special utilities. All the perks from the previous tiers will also be inherited.
  • Legendary. There are only 8 legendary wolves, making them have a 0.1% chance to get minted. These wolves have an exclusive and custom-made design, each one representing a different element. In addition to the high rewards that you will be able to get with them, you will receive 10 times mint prince (2.5K ROSE) directly into your $ROSE wallet.
The rarity will be determined by the sum of all the wolve's assets. A list of the assets rarities is available in our Discord: https://discord.gg/9SvCWBjVaS​
For example: If you mint a wolf with a very rare asset but the rest of the assets are more common, chances are the global rarity of the NFT will be only "uncommon" or "rare".

Dope Wolves' Supply

At the very beginning, we were planning to mint 8888 wolves at 299 ROSE each (249 ROSE for whitelisted members)
But the team decided to split it, with little difference between them. The first 4444 wolves, will belong to GEN 1, and the other 4444, to GEN 2.
You will be able to mint only GEN 1 wolves on the first mint day (18th February), and several days later, we will announce the date of a "second mint". The differences between them are their importance in the play to earn (in which for example, you will need 1 from each generation in order to complete families), but at the time being, both will have the same rarities and utilities.
To reward early investors, we will send 500 GEN2 wolves to random holders who had never listed or sent their NFTs, in other words, NFTs which don't have any transactions since mint day.
*Also, there will be 4 legendary wolves in each generation but legendary wolves will NOT have a fixed GEN, they will be completely unique and exclusive.