IV Mutations / Play to Earn

The last step in our roadmap is to develop a Play-to-Earn Game that will make your Wolves even more valuable. We have partnered with a game development studio and we intend to commence on it as soon as possible
The game will require you to own at least one Dope Wolf, and their level (explained in the Level System section) will affect their in-game dexterities. We plan on dividing the wolves into elemental families. As you may be aware, there will be legendary wolves, but those are just the most iconic representatives of each family of elements. We want it to be a team-based multiplayer game, so you might want to have at least one of each family.
But, what this does have to do with mutations?
Good question. It doesn't. Just kidding 😛. We have seen lots of collections release a mutation feature, but none of them delivered actual value to your NFTs. So we wondered, what if we could make it extremely valuable? Imagine mutating your wolf and getting new, unique, in-game features. We are not simply talking about the visual factor, your wolf could become the enemy. If you mutate your wolf (or your team of wolves), they are going to switch sides, they are going to be THE enemies of the Dope Wolves. MUTATED WOLVES - THE ETERNAL BATTLE
(to be continued...)