III Level System / Bones


Once all Wolves have been minted and Hunting Seasons have been completed and are fully functional, we will introduce some limited items to level up your Wolves. Wolves will have 4 levels beginning on level 0, these levels will enhance the force of the wolf when he goes hunting and will give the wolves the possibility to "hunt the mammoth 🐘"

What are mammoths?🐘

Mammoths are extremely rare animals, and the possibility to hunt them is extremely rare. The mammoth will act as a pot of $ROSE, and only 1 experienced wolf per HUNT SEASON can defeat him (or none). 5% of ALL the rewards of the "hunt season" will be kept aside for the pot, and the lucky wolf will get all the dividends of the "hunt season" PLUS the pot for hunting the mammoth.
The odds to hunt him are very scarce, and ALL WOLVES will share the same possibilities. To put it in another way, rarity is not a significant factor. However, only wolves whose strength level is comprehended between 1 and 4 will have the possibility to do so. (Please bear in mind that wolves will have a strength of 0 by default, therefore, you have to upgrade your wolf or purchase one in a marketplace with a strength level of at least one to be eligible to participate in these events).​
Each level is equivalent to 1 ticket to hunt the mammoth. If no one has hunted the mammoth, the pool will increase during days, or EVEN WEEKS until one fortunate wolf catches him, thus making the pot reset. We will frequently publish in our social media and on our website the current amount locked in the "mammoth pot". ​ Levels will have more functions in future Play-To-Earn updates.

How can I strengthen my wolf?🐺

Every week, we will emit a limited number of BONES 🦴 on our site, if you merge it with a wolf, the level will increase. The starting price of the BONES will be 10 $ROSE each, but you are free to resell them on a third-party marketplace to other users​